Bacteria en la orina

Amid this general alarm, Raymond Berenger, having busied himself in arranging his few but gallant followers and adherents, and taken such modes of procuring intelligence of the enemys strength and motions as were in his power, at length ascended the watch-tower of the castle, to observe in person the country around, already obscured in several places by the clouds of smoke, which announced the progress and u-line packageing ravages of the invaders. He was speedily joined by his favourite squire, to whom the unusual heaviness of his masters looks was cause of much surprise, for till now they had ever been blithest at the hour of battle. The squire held in his hand his masters helmet, for Sir Raymond was all armed, saving the head. Dennis Morolt, said the bacteria en soldier, are our vassals and liegemen la orina mustered. All, noble sir, but the Flemings, who are not yet come in. The lazy hounds, why tarry they. said Raymond. Ill policy it is to plant such sluggish natures in our borders. They are like their own steers, fitter to tug a plough than for la orina that requires mettle. With your favour, said Dennis, the knaves can do good service notwithstanding.
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